A holiday for people who like to sing.

(And who don’t mind periodically updating their songs to reflect scientific or philosophical progress)

A holiday for people comfortable with uncomfortable truths.


It was born as a small thing

20 friends gathered in a living room, singing songs about the first winter campfires and the latest technologies shaping our world.

We lit oil lamps, LEDs, plasma balls and imitation lightsabers – and then slowly extinguished them until a single candle remained. We told stories about a universe that is often cold and uncaring, and the humans who labored to make it less so.

We extinguished that candle, sharing a moment in absolute darkness together.

Since that night, secular solstice has grown much… (continue reading)

A holiday for people who believe in good.

Want to host a Solstice in your community?

Whether you’re expecting 10 people or a couple hundred, we have resources for you.

New York City, NY – December 17th
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Berkeley, CA – December 17th

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Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley – December 18th
Mountain View, CA
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Sunday Assembly San Diego – December 18th
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A holiday for people who believe in good.