Secular Solstice Resources

Jumpstarting a new holiday can feel pretty intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together several articles, songlists and other resources to get you started. If it’s your first time, we recommend arranging a skype call to talk through what the Solstice is about, and how to tailor it to your particular community.

Getting Started:

Running the Secular Solstice
The Arc Breakdown (What does the shape of Brighter Than Today look like?)
Material Components (What do you need to run a Solstice?)

2014 Solstice Book of Traditions (PDF with 120 pages of songs, stories and traditions)

2013 Live Album – Music from the Secular Solstice

Older Materials

These are articles from Less Wrong, the community that Solstice originated in. By now, Solstice has grown beyond Less Wrong and has adapted to a variety of communities, but these articles offer suggestions on how to decide if ritual is right for your community and how to create culture from scratch that doesn’t feel fake or forced.

2012 Book of Traditions
Designing Ritual
The Value (and Danger) of Ritual